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J.W. Schirmer 2019

2019 Museum Zitadelle Jülich could present as major new aquisition one of Johann Wilhelm Schirmers most important compositions "Grotte der Egeria".  After removal of a a double repainting of the entire sky the painting presents itself in excellent condition.
The Jülich version probably preceded the monumental and renowned Painting in the collection of the  Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig.  The Jülich version is characterized by its fresh an brilliant colour retaining the immediacy of the on site nature studies in the refined composition.

J.W. Schirmer, "Die Grotte der Egeria" , condition after treatment
J.W. Schirmer "Die Grotte der Egeria", before treatment

Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
This version of "Grotte der Egeria" is an important new aquisition of the Museum Zitadelle Jülich.

Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt Düsseldorf