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J.W. Schirmer 2008 - Landschaft macht Schule

In 2008 we started research on J.W. Schirmers pleinair studies. Studies in oil, not only with drawing media or watercolour were pionered by artists of the late 18th and beginning 19th century by artists like Claude Lorrain or Pierre Henri Valencienne.

Johann Wilhelm Schirmer proved to be exceptionally apt in this genre and established the technique as integral part of academic training in landscape painting.

Studies after nature differed especially betweeen French and German Schools as the artists themselves acknowledged. It was felt therefore well worth to have a closer look at Schirmers practice and the descriptions in German technical treatises of the time.

The accompanying catalogue is forthcoming.

J.W. Schirmer study of brookside (Neandertal), 1827-30, oil on canvas on plywood, museum kunst palast

 J.W. Schirmer study of brookside (Neandertal), 1830 or 1836, oil on canvas mounted on plywood, museum kunst palast

Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt Düsseldorf