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J.W. Schirmer 2010

During 2008 to 2010 a joint venture exhibition project under the Auspices of the Ministerpräsident of NorthRhineWestfalen and sponsored by the Kulturstiftung NRW „Johann Wilhelm Schirmer - From the Rhine into the World“ focussed on the artistic Process in the works of this founder of the Düsseldorf School of landscape painting.

BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio joined the project and conducted research on Schirmer‘s painting technique and his work process. During the project about 50 paintings have been examined as well as 500 works on paper. Some results of our research have been published in the accompanying exhibition catalogue, including an illustrated catalogue of watermarks found in the works on paper.

Furthermore BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio was carrying out all conservation treatments for six museums joining in this project.

Our research into Johann Wilhelm Schirmer started with an exhibition in the Museum Zitadelle Jülich in 2001 and is continuing.

The research is focused on materials and technique of painting used by Painters of the Düsseldorf School. Technical Examination has led to several reattributions and is a valuable basis with respect to establishing a catalogue raisonnè for J.W. Schirmer.


Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
Vom Rheinland in die Welt - Band 1 - Katalog (2010)
hg. von Marcell Perse, Bettina Baumgärtel, Irene Haberland, Uta Husmeier-Schirlitz, Elmar Scheuren und Wolfgang Vomm 24,2 x 30 cm, 592 pages, 830 colourillustrations , hardcover.
ISBN 978-3-86568-486-8 Michael Imhof Verlag

Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt Düsseldorf